The basic education is primarily for veterinary medical students, but also for biology students (phil. nat. faculty). The institute is also involved in the continuing education and training of veterinarians, physicians and biologists / microbiologists.

All information on studies of veterinary medicine can be found on the faculty homepage.

Courses in Veterinary Medicine

  • 1st year: Ecology with examples from parasitology
  • 2nd/3rd year: Veterinary Parasitology
  • 4th year: Clinical Parasitology
  • 4th year: Parasitological cases


Further lectures

  • Medical Parasitology and Tropical Parasitic Diseases (course UniBe 2804)
  • Diagnostic methods in Parasitology (one-week block course, UniBe 4541)
  • Part-load: Molecular Parasitology (course UniBe 2806)

As part of the national MINT program we offer internships for highschool students.